Our mission is to bring balance to family life through education, the arts, and community involvement. 

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In The News

The Family that Colors Together

Two years ago, Junise was troubled by things she heard from friends and others to whom she spoke. It was always the same. Families were suffering because, for one reason or another, they couldn't spend time together.   


Leshanta, Board Member

Leshanta is a Self Awareness Coach who believes in balancing the mind, body and spirit. She's incorporated what she has learned after many years in healthcare as a L&D nurse into helping others center themselves. 

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Shawna, Board Member

Shawna has over 15 years experience working with social service and non profit organizations. She brings many years of Program Management, Community Education and Quality Improvement experience to help fulfill the mission. 


Valerie, Board Member

Valerie has enjoyed a career in Social Work and Law enforcement in different capacities. She believes family and community is "everything" and has dedicated her life to helping bridge gaps between those without a voice and those with the means to help.  


Rebecca, Board Member

Rebecca has worked in Customer Service for 15 years and believes that there is a deficit in the industry. She is dedicated to volunteerism and is committed to showing the inhabitants of her community that their growth and well being matters to her. 


Handy, Founder

Handy has worked in several industries from healthcare to law enforcement. He believes that family and community should be the string that ties everything we do together. He started CMA as a creative space where his community can grow strong through the arts, education and service. He believes that there is no one way to get most jobs done, so why not keep things abstract while doing good. 


Junise, Founder

Junise has worked in healthcare for over 20 years. She has seen first hand the challenges that exist in families and communities during times of stress. Her personal challenges came with news that she was pregnant with her first child. She later realized that balance was possible and a family could grow strong despite life's chaos. She started CMA to create a space for her community to become balanced through education and service.